TongueVine Tongue Ring

TongueVine Tongue Ring
TongueVines consist of a Patented PAHS (Pierced Accessory Holding System) with MSI (mylar spine inserts). They are made of High-Grade Surgical Silicone and are Hypo-allergenic. TongueVines are made to add additional balls to your existing pierced tongue without additional piercing of the tongue. Available in 14g or 12g. They can be worn for fun, special occasions, or anytime your Tongue needs to make a statement. They are washable and can be auto-claved for hygienic purposes.

Each TongueVine comes with a 14 or 12 gauge 5/8" 316L surgical steel barbell, and two additional 6mm surgical steel balls.

The balls can be interchanged with any 14 or 12 gauge 6mm tongue ring ball.

Available in black and glow in the dark green.
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